Thursday, March 19, 2009

Needin' It

I've been busy and haven't talked to him a lot, but I stopped by his desk during a break today.  He was acting a bit weird.  Looking at me.  Right in my eyes.  There was someone else around. I flirted with him a bit.  We do it with everyone. He does, too.

We had a meeting after work.  But then I had this feeling...

As I pulled into my neighborhood, he was sitting in his car, waiting for me.  I don't know how long.  I'm thinking it was 10 minutes or so.  He's never done it before, but I just had this feeling.  

What was so weird is that I saw his woman after work.  I followed her on the freeway a bit of the way.  We just happened to be going the same way.

I pulled up beside him in my car:  "You are a scamp!"

"Is it a good time?"

"Sure.  Come on."

The thing...the sad thing is that I wasn't in the mood.  

But he got me in the mood.  It was nice.  I needed it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gettin' It Right

He came hanging around after work today.  He had is coat and bag, so it was evident he was on his way out the door but waiting for traffic to die down a bit.  Other people were in my office, too.

People started to trickle out.  He did, too, but then he stopped to read a magazine.

"Are you hanging around because you want something from me?" I asked.

I thought he'd crack a smile, but he didn't.  "No, not necessarily."

"Is that right?" I teased him.

"Well, maybe a blow job."

I kind of felt like I owed him after the one I botched before, but I wasn't really into doing to much since I was on my period.  I didn't tell him though.  It wasn't like I wasn't into a little excitement, though.  

We made arrangements to meet.

When he arrived, it was kind of awkward.  We don't talk about much at work anymore.  We don't even talk that much.  It's like I don't even feel close to him.  So when we are  about to get busy, it seems like there should be some amount of small talk.  About what?  Work?  How dull.

But we did.

And finally he leaned over and started kissing me.

About half way through, I told him that he didn't have to worry about me because I was on my period.

"You're on the rag?  You should have told me.  We could have waited."

"It's okay.  I think I owe you one."

"No, you don't."

Actually he's probably right.  He owes me.  He hasn't given me any oral sex.

"You don't masturbate when you're on your period?" he asked. 

"Oh, sometimes.  Maybe later."  Masturbating while I'm on my period is no big deal to me, especially with a plug in, but we don't know each other that well.  It's nice to know that he's not squeamish, though.

He sucked on my tits for a while, and I played with him a bit until I asked him if he was ready for me to go down on him. 

Of course he was.

It was nice and slow, starting with kissing and licking the tip.  He still had his underwear on, sexy pristine white boxers, so that was all I could really get to. When he stood to pull his pants down, I leaned back on my knees and sucked him while he stood.

Guys love that, especially if they can pull your hair a bit.

He sat back down, and I continued to lick and suck his whole cock, while stroking his balls.  After the botched blow job, he told me that it wasn't necessary for me to deep throat.  Mouth and hands stroking was I needed.  I was kind of embarrassed because I knew that.  I just got carried away.

I continued, slow and steady, working him up, moaning from time to time because I think the vibrations might feel good, and then I started working my hand and mouth to stroke the whole cock, and that's when he went over the top.  

Well, not immediately, but I could tell when that switch really raised the level.

Slow and steady, hot, wet mouth and slippery grip, and he came in my mouth.

"That was the best blow job ever!" he told me, leaning into me when it was over.

"No, you're just saying that!"

"I love you!" I told him.  I chuckled.

"I love you, too" he said and chuckled.  I was surprised.  Most guys you use to sparingly.

As he returned the affection, "Isn't that what you told me to say?"

He laughed, "I guess I did, huh?"

It's such a weird thing.  I wanted to say it, and I mean it a small extent, but I wanted to make sure he knew my intentions.  I love him, and he loves me, but only as friends.  I'm pretty sure.
Not that I don't wonder what life would be like with him, and he hasn't wondered at some point in this life because that's how we ended up in this situation.

"Okay, gotta go."  Just as before, you jumped up, pulling on his clothes, and exited the door within a few minutes.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I was going up the stairwell this morning, and I met him coming down.  Nobody was around.

"Hey!  It's the person who can' finish what she started," he joked.

"Ah, yes.  The fellatio fiasco.  The botched blow job."

We joked for a minute. 

I made me feel a bit better, but I wasn't really concerned, but I apologized later.

Later when we had a few minutes alone, he told me that it was all about the hands and the mouth.  Basically how I usually do it.  In some ways, I was irritated that I had to get tips, but on the other hand, that's how I've learned over the years.  

I still don't think it's any big deal.  

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fizzled Out

On the way out of work, I met Him walking out of the building at the same time.  We decided to meet at my house again.

It was pretty much the same as before.  More making out this time, but I had to pretty much get myself off, and then I sucked him off.

Unfortunately, I triggered my gag reflex, and had stop stop mid-fellatio when I shouldn't have.  I know better. I really do.   For one thing, I know that I don't have to deep throat, and for another, I know better than to stop.

But he lost his erection, and knew he wouldn't be able to get it back, so he left unsatisfied.

I feel a little bad, but stuff happens.

Friday, January 23, 2009

On Again for Appointment Four

I made it a point to take my morning coffee with Him for at least a few minutes.  Too many people around.

But I wore a low-cut shirt for His viewing pleasure.

As people were leaving and I was alone with Him for a moment, he said, "I'll see you at 1:00 PM."

It was tight getting there, and I almost didn't make it, but I did in the end.

It was the fastest appointment ever.  We kissed and groped, "When are we going to fuck?" He asked.  

Maybe soon.  I don't know.  Does it matter?

I rubbed his cock, which was not yet aroused.  "Oh, maybe I shouldn't start that!"

He chuckled and exited.

Then it was back to normalcy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Touch

I was in the lounge getting coffee and He came in.  We were alone for a few minutes.  What to say?  I really wanted to say to Him, "Hey.  Could we at least flirt?  I'm bored."

As I walked but I rubbed His back affectionately and asked how he was.  He groped at my stomach a little and patted my butt.  I squealed a little.  "Oh, that's nice."

An open door.

He passed by me a few times today, as if He wanted to say something.  He stood close.  He smelled so good.

The door is totally open.

I should have gone to hang out with Him for a few minutes when we both had a break.  I was too busy.

He stopped by to ask me a question about something.  I didn't know the answer, but I had to go talk to the same secretary, so I told Him I'd ask about His situation.  When I went back it was kind of crazy in His room, so I told Him the information that He needed to know. 

And then He said something about getting together again sometime.  But I was kind of reluctant or taken aback or something.  I can't explain it.  He said, "What?  You don't want to?"

It's not that. 

We stepped out into the hallway.  I told Him, "No, it's fine.  It's just that you've barely spoken to me in a week and half.  I thought you were over it."

"No!" He exclaimed.  And then more quietly, "I want another blow job.  It was really good."

He kind of apologized for having to leave so soon the last time, but I assured Him that it was exactly what I expected, and it would have been awkward any other way.  I mean, it was kind of weird just how fast He bailed, but I wasn't surprised, and I wasn't hurt or anything.  

A little later he stopped by my desk.  I think maybe he felt bad or something because He was kind of explaining himself as He was trying to move around me to cop a feel.  It's always awkward because we could be caught at any moment.  Again I told him, "You haven't said boo to me in a couple of weeks. I just figured you were over it.  You run kind of hot and cold, you know."

He paused for a minute, "You know, I do run hot and cold.  Sometimes I am in the mood and sometimes I'm not."

"Do you think it's age or just normal?  For me it's kind of normal."

He admitted that it might be age.

"You know, even if we never do it, I'd like to at least flirt around.  It breaks up the monotony around here."

He agreed the job sucks more than usual.

It was quiet between us for a minute.  Not awkward.  Just silence.  

And then people walked in.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Great Balls of Fire

It's been months of not really making any moves.  Meetings in the bathroom are too dangerous.  Even after work.  We were on our way yesterday but were interrupted.  Too many people.  
Sometimes we're standing next to each other, and I'll go to say something suggestive, and someone will pop up.  

Sometimes I can catch Him alone before his classes, but lately that doesn't work at all. There are people who share the space hanging around.

"This has got to stop!" I told Him today.  "Geez!  I never get any time alone."

He rolls his eyes.  He knows.

"Is this the day you get a blow job?"

"I hope so!  When?  Where?"

"Not here.  I don't care where else.  You figure it out."

Would this be the day we do more than trade 30 seconds of affection?  Hard to tell.

Two hours before the end of the the work day:  I pass by Him.  "You have two hours to come up with a plan."

He was on the phone.  I don't know if He heard me.

A few minutes later appears at my side.  "Kids taken care of after school?"

"Yep. As far as I know.  I'll confirm.  What?  You coming over?"


"You must be desperate!"

He laughs, "Why do you say that?"

"This has been going on for months and you've never done it before."

After the day is over, He stops in.  My address in hand.  "So, where is this place?"  I gave Him directions.  He knows the place.  Kind of.  "You sticking around for a while?"

"A few minutes."

A half hour later, I noticed that His car was not in the parking lot.  For some reason I thought He was still there.  A few blocks up I see Him at the light, but He takes a different route than I do.  I will surely make it there before He does.

I left the door open to make it easy.  "So this is the place."

"Yeah.  I guess."

He puts jacket, hat, and bag on the table.  I stand there, not sure what to do.

"I'm not going to lie.  I'm nervous."  

He chuckles.  "Why?"

"I don't know."

He pulls me forward to kiss me, "Are you nervous about being caught?  Of just nervous?"

What am I nervous about?  Everything.  I'm not the scoundrel His is.  But I'm about to be.

I guide Him to the couch, and He makes Himself comfortable in the corner.  "Nope.  Move over.  I'm going to sit on your lap."  He looked wary.

"Don't worry.  I'm not going to hurt you."

We made out for a few minutes.  I took off my shirt and bra.  He loves my tits.  My tits aren't anything great, but he doesn't mind.  I know He's a tit man, but mine aren't that big, and they aren't that pert.  I make them look good with the proper bra. He doesn't seem at all disappointed.

"I want to see your pussy.  I want to see you make yourself cum."

It would be better if he made me come, but then the main object of this meeting was for him to get a blow job.  I'm fine with that.

I strip down.  "This is hardly fair.  I am now wearing nothing, and you are wearing everything."

"Faster getaway."

He is good at this stuff.  Such a scoundrel.

We make out while I masturbate.  "Why don't YOU touch me.  Feel how wet I am."

"Oh!  Babydoll, you are wet!"  He tells me as He rubs me hard.  I like it.  We've talked about how that is a miracle for women as they age.  I know.  Just not today.

He wanted me to see me cum.  I wanted to see His cock first, and hold on to it.  I'm really not that good at masturbating both of us, but I keep a hold of it, playing with it a little.  It was taking me a long time to cum, though.  Sometimes it does.  

"You can't cum!" He teases me.  How dare he!  "You're too nervous!"  I could use a little help, yo!

"Kiss me.  I want your kisses."  

Oh, the kisses.  Sometimes I want more of His kisses and He pulls away and talks when I want to suck His tongue.  But I though He might cum when I sucked His tongue like I would later suck His cock.  He started flicking His tongue over my lips like He would have done to my pussy.  Oh. My. God.  I haven't never had anyone do that before. 

When I finally came, which really wasn't that long, I had just a few seconds to recover before I knelt down on the floor in front of Him and started sucking.  Women are like that.  We can just have a great orgasm, which mine was okay (I would have liked it better if He were in me when I came, but He was sucking on my neck so good that I was in heaven) and then finish the guy off.  Guys are often out of commission after they cum.  

He stripped off His pants.  No underwear.  I caught Him that way a few days ago. Interesting.  I kissed the inside of His thigh, "I love these big balls.  I really want to kiss the."  Seriously!  They are so big!  I kissed them and sucked them, and He seemed to like it, but I knew He would be impatient is I lingered too long.  He's already told me in so many words that He likes it quick.  I don't know why.  Instant gratification, I suppose.  He already pegged me for one who likes to drag it out and torture the guy.  Hell yeah!  That's all the fun for me.  I told Him it was going to take longer than the five minutes He said He needed.  It would take ten.  (In actuality, it probably dragged on for five, when He only needed two, as He indicated later.)

I don't know what to say about how I sucked Him off.  I've been told I'm good.  But a man's eyes, what would it take to be considered such?  

I started off slow, playing with His balls, and massaging between His balls and ass, while licking His cock from top to bottom.  Sometimes I like to lick it like an ice cream cone, nice and slow from the top down, but I knew He had not patience for that, so I just started working Him over with my mouth and tongue slowly while massaging with my other hand.  He enjoyed it very much.  I started going faster, really getting him wet with my spit, and then I switched hands so could use my right hand to stroke Him from tip to shaft while sucking Him at the same time.  That's the hot, warm mouth feel with the pressure of my grip under it in long strokes.  I continued to play with His balls and massage the spot, which I don't even know is a sweet spot for him, until he grabbed my head and forced it down on him hard, and then I started gently pull His balls down as I stroked and sucked at the same time.  It was a miracle I didn't choke because it started to go to deep, and I sometimes I have a bad gag reflex, which is unattractive.  Luckily He let me pull away a little before He hit the trigger in the back of my throat.  I knew He was going to cum, and I was able to continue to stroke Him and suck Him as He was cumming.  I can't take it if it shoots straight back into my throat.  It's much the same reason I can't do a beer bong, too.  I was proud that I took all of it.  

(He didn't even thank me or give me kudos.  If you buy a woman a shot, she thanks you.  If you give a woman "a shot," you thank her.  Don't you think?) 

He was holding His stomach after He came.  "Are you alright?" I asked.

"Okay, time to go."  He jumped up and put his pants on.  I did the same.  I knew he wouldn't be sticking around, but I was a bit surprised about how fast he jumped up.  He walked around my living room, looking at pictures and stuff. 

"What are you doing?" I asked.  He was acting like some spastic cat.

"I just like to look at people's houses."

"Mines not that great."  I didn't mean to say that I didn't like it.  I mean, it's nothing great.  "It's okay, though.  Comfy.  Can I get you a drink or something?  Water?  I think I need one."  Hello?  To wash the taste down.  It didn't taste bad at all, actually.  I wondered if it would make me sick to my stomach later since he is a smoker.

As He put His coat and hat on, I noticed He was still rubbing His stomach.  I know I've come so hard my stomach hurts sometimes, but I've never seen a guy do that.  

"Why are you rubbing your stomach?"

"I think I pulled a muscle."  

"Seriously?  How did you do that?"  

"I don't know.  I guess I came so hard."

"Oh, for crying out loud!"

"Where did you learn to do that?"

"Do what?" I asked.  Any specific move?  How I give guys cramps?

"All of it! What you just did to me?"

"I don't know.  Would you think of me less if I said that I have experience?"

"Would YOU think less of me?"

"Oh course, not!  I love you!"  

"That's right!"  He chuckled.  When this thing first started up, He told me that I had to tell Him that I love Him.  It is the craziest fucked-up shit I have ever heard.  What guy wants to hear that?  It usually freaks them out!

A few kisses, and He was gone.

It finally happened.  I don't feel too bad.  But we'll wait until I'm alone with myself in the dark thinking, "What the hell did I do?"

Monday, January 5, 2009

Third Appointment

I felt a little bad about my lack of enthusiasm earlier in the day.  

And I can't ever decided if I am suppose to lead or follow.

After lunch, in the hallway, I asked him if we had an appointment this afternoon.

"An appointment?" he questioned.

"Yes.  An appointment," I answered deliberately.

He eye brows perked up, he jiggled his keys in his pocket, and turned and pivoted back toward his room.  "Oh, yes!  At 1:00 PM"

Sometimes we keep appointments, but sometimes we don't.  It's like trying to get the stars to align.  Conditions must be right.  At 1:00 PM. 

At 12:57 PM, I saw Him through the window.  He could see I was busy.  Was He checking?  I'm not sure.  It wasn't 1:00 PM.  Don't you know that 1:00 PM is exact.  

It has to be.  We only have a few minutes.

I arrived first.  He locked the door this time. The bright lights were on.

We kissed.  I can't get enough of His kisses.

"Mmm.  That's igniting something," I said.

He pulled at my shirt.  He wanted to touch my breasts.

"Wanna see?" I lifted my shirt.  I had a granny, steel-plated bra on.  So unsexy.  I thought it might be over.  I was going for frumpy today.  Sigh.  He sucked my right breast until my nipple stood erect.

"Do you want to see mine?"  He asked, unbuttoning His pants.  No underwear on.  Very interesting.  We stroked and played for a few seconds.  That's all the time we ever have.

He wanted it in my mouth.  I knelt in front of Him and gently started sucking.  We don't have time for a full service.  Just a tease.

Just a tease before He needs to leave.  It's so obvious that there's something wrong with His pants when He leaves.  

"When do I get to see yours?" He asks. 

"When I have more than a few minutes and there aren't any crazy kids next door."

I wandered back into my class.  Three minutes have passed.  

What the hell am I doing?  I ask that of myself a lot.  A lot.

I want more.

Later, in the hallway, He whispered, "You suck so good.  I'm not kidding.  We need to fuck.  Two more minutes and I could have cum.  I bet it wouldn't take you much longer."

Hmmph.  I bet you're wrong.  "It takes a little more for me.  I need less stress and a little more time.  So, you're telling me if we had like 5 minutes and a little peace, you'd go off that fast?"

Wow.  He thinks He's an old man, but that's a young man's trait.

A New Beginning for a New Year

Within the first hour of my day, He came wandering into my room.  I was busy, and since He rarely comes in, I wasn't sure if it was official business or just hanging out.  Just hangin', as it turns out.

He sat at my desk.  Watching me.  A wee bit unnerving, actually.  But I know what I'm doing.

Once I finished, I went over to Him to see what He was up to.  

Exchange of pleasantries.  How was vacation?  All that.


"Did you think about me?" he asked.

"Sure.  I thought about you a lot. Did you think of me?" I asked.  I wish I could be more coy, but he smells so good.  I love the way He smells.  I'm trying to drink in His smell more before he goes.

"Oh, I thought of you."

"You did not!" I teased Him.

He rolled his eyes.  "Yeah, that's right, I didn't."

I could tell He really wanted to touch me.  Kiss me.   Grope me.  Something.  He gets right in my personal space.  Space that only people who are intimate share.  I like it.  A lot.

Wrong time.  Wrong place. 

He would just have to tease me.  Say things He shouldn't say right then.  Nothing bad.  Just talking about missing me.

I hope nobody heard.

He acts like He doesn't care sometimes, but then we have to be careful.  Those kids catch on to more than they act like sometimes.

And in a few minutes he was gone.  He watched me longer than He talked to me.  

It's never more than a taste.

We make the most of mere minutes.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Is He Thinking About Me?

It seems like forever since I've talked to Him or seen Him.  The longer I stay away, the more my feelings fade.  Yea, I could get over Him.  No big deal.

But will it be awkward seeing him again after the break?  I think we're done before we even got in too deep.  I said I could be cool when it's over.  Can He be cool when it's over?

I don't know.  

He was pretty chilly to me before the break a few weeks ago.

It doesn't matter.  Really.

Life goes on.

I have things to do.

Might be nice if He'd at least be up for innocent flirting.

Innocent flirting helps pass the time.

Monday, December 22, 2008


One of my Facebook acquaintances posted some pictures today.  I casually clicked through and saw His picture--with Her.  Of course with Her.  They are a couple.  And this Facebook acquaintance is a friend of Theirs.  I guess I just didn't expect to see it.

It was so unexpected.

And I suddenly started crying.  Do I care so much that I can't stand to see them happy together?  I've seen pictures of them before.  I see them together.

I don't know.

Why did I react so violently?

I think I want more.

I want Him.

He looked good, though.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Beginning

He walked into the copy room while I was making copies. He's kind of "there" a lot.  Nothing wrong with that, but I feel a little awkward around Him sometimes.  It's because of our past.  A long time ago.  Nothing really, but just me crying on His shoulder during some hard times. 

"I'm almost finished," I tell Him.

He sits down and waits a few minutes as I finish.

"Are you running off?" He asks me.

"Nay.  I have to get a few things ready to take to the printers."  I sit at the table across from where  He was sitting as He loads the copy machine.  Then he sits down across from me.

"So how are things?  Are you happy with your husband?"  He asks me this sometimes.  It's like the relationship status.  I don't know why he does that.

"I guess," I dodged his question.  "When are you getting married?"  He's engaged, but it's been a long engagement.  

He gets an exhausted look on his face.  "She's putting the pressure on real heavy."  I know her.  She's nice.  

"How long have you been together?"

He thinks back.  It's been almost five years.  "Yea, we got together not long after I found out you were married."

Double-take.  What?

"I had the biggest crush on you.  Why do you think I was around all the time?"

"Your storage room was in my classroom?"

"Come on, really?  You really thought I needed that many books?  No.  I wanted to ask you out, and then I found out you were married.  When I found out you were going to be next door to me this year, I though, here we go. This should be interesting."

"I don't know.  Really?  You liked me?  And here I've been embarrassed for being such a blubbering fool.  You were such a nice friend to me.  I'll never forget that."

Wait a minute.  He is still thinking stuff?  Years later, and he might be interested?  Wow.  That's food for thought.  What am I suppose to do with that?

A fire ignited inside me at the thought of Him.